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Toshiba THRiVE: ISTE

Toshiba's THRiVE gets The Royal Treatment at ISTE. Kelcey Kinjo, product manager at Toshiba, hits on some of the THRiVE's features, including a user-replaceable battery—a big education-upkeep benefit. While the new back plates make a fashion statement, this new 10-inch screen tablet from Toshiba is making some education waves for those looking for classroom-tablet alternatives.

Watch my ISTE visit with Toshiba as the new THRiVE gets The Royal Treatment:

QOMO's QPC60 Doc Cam: InFoComm

QOMO's QPC60 Document Camera gets The Royal Treatment at InFoComm. Shannon Raupp shares functions and features.

Watch my booth interview to learn what this versatile document camera can do:

ELMO at InFoComm: TT-12 Interactivity

I gave the new ELMO TT-12 document camera The Royal Treatment at InFoComm. This doc cam (visualiser) has more positions than a yoga instructor. It doesn't need a computer, and has its own audio and recording capabilities. It also can be seamlessly connected to ELMO's slate.

Watch the video interview and demo to see if the TT-12 is the right match for your interactive classroom, school, or district:

Intel Convertible Classmate Makes Book Bag Obsolete

Intel's Convertible Classmate PC makes a good case for an all in one 1:1 computing device for today's students. Check out my review of the Convertible Classmate to see if it's right for your needs. Could the book bag be obsolete?
View the review:

Twitter: an Intelligent Haunting for Educators

Bird Sitting at a WiFi breakfast in Atlanta, I introduced my publisher to Twitter. I said, "Watch this," and tweeted into TweetDeck something like—

“Trying to convince my publisherthe power of Twitter, so please say hello.”

Responses were immediate from people I follow, those who follow me, and even people who weren’t on my radar yet. And then, before I could add the next step to my lesson—it was handed to me in this Tweet:

@kenroyal Have her ask a question to Twitter; great way to demonstrate its potential.

Twitter is more than the Magic 8-Ball of the 21st Century, and if this were a Ghost Hunters TV episode, Twitter would classify as an intelligent haunting. (Note: I’ve removed most specific contact info, unless embedded in the tweet.) To me, for educators, it is Facebook’s smarter relative.

Here’s an assortment of Tweets that led up to my publishers 1st question:

@kenroyal hello from the Charlotte NC airport!

@kenroyal Hello Ken! Hope all is well in the Atlanta airport this morning. :) #vanmeter

@kenroyal - at work in sunny Savannah. Welcome to the great state of Georgia.

@kenroyal Hello from Atlanta! Wish I'd known you were at the airport; I would have come up to help you "convince".

@kenroyal Good morning! Come on, Tweeple. Show the power! RT @kenroyal: Hello out there! My publisher is not convinced yet! Say hello!

@kenroyal Hello from Waverly, Iowa!

@kenroyal Hey Ken. I am in Dallas, TX and love the wisdom and knowledge of the collective. Have a wonderful day.

@kenroyal Good morning, Ken. I'm and educator in Lakeland, TN.

@kenroyal Hello! Twitter is a great way to share resources and ideas!

@kenroyal Good morning from southern NH.

@kenroyal Hi, Ken! Please say "Hello" to your publisher from StarrMatica!

@kenroyal Saying hello to convince the non-believers...

@kenroyal Hello from an education grad student in Philadelphia!

@kenroyal Hello from Fredericksburg Virginia!

@kenroyal Hello from Northern Utah where Twitter helps me acquire educational insights and tools. Oh and I follow @scholastic too!

@kenroyal Hello Ken - checking in from SouthWestern Ontario

@kenroyal Saying Hello from Knoxville, TN! Using Twitter to learn from other educators and follow their links & suggestions!

@kenroyal hello from North Carolina! I'm an educator in Teacher Evaluation training

@kenroyal Hello to the guy w/his finger on the pulse of the ed-tech community.

@kenroyal jackson tn- ahnna w knoxville chamber

@kenroyal I'm there with you in spirit! Can't wait to hear about this trip ;).

@kenroyal hello from Memphis TN I use twitter to connect with educators all over the world and have develop a great PLN in just 3 months

@kenroyal hello from THE netherlands :-) our 12 points go to Twitter !

@kenroyal Hello from Colorado

@kenroyal a little late.... But Barbie B.. High school science teacher from Cleveland, TN

@kenroyal I am late, but hello to you.

@kenroyal Have her ask a question to Twitter; great way to demonstrate its potential.

Here's my publisher's 1st question to Twitterland:

"Do you have anything to share on best practices involving cloud computing?"

Here are a couple of responses:

@kenroyal I think what @russgoerend is doing w/ student conferencing using Evernote is an example: http://www.russgoerend.com/2010/09/one-of-essentials-in-reading-this-year.html (This was originally a shortened URL.)

@kenroyal Here is some info. Hope it helps. SAS Solutions OnDemand mark 10-year anniversary in 'cloud' http://www.itweb.co.za/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=35434:sas-solutions-ondemand-mark-10year-anniversary-in-cloud&catid=367 (Origially a shortened URL.)

Twitter1Now, there’s more to Twitter than reporting what you’re doing now, or saying hello, so if you are skeptical of what 140 characters can share, follow me @kenroyal, and quite a few others (including my publisher) for a few laughs, great resources, interesting conversation, suggestions, a bit of cheerleading, and a lot of digital common sense—geared to education, administration, and technology.



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