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New Reality Show: Tech Your Class

Ken3a I find it interesting that almost anything can become a reality show, and I find it a bit disheartening that there isn’t one called Tech Your Class. So Oprah, and others out there, here’s the pitch.

The goal of the Tech Your Class show would be to bring technology, and how to expertise into a needy school or district, and do it in a fun way. A small team of tech-savvy educators, who enjoy kids, teaching and tech, with one being a technical wizard, would be the team to do it. Oh yeah, they'd also need to like hamming it up, too. While that main team can remain constant and the same, special guests—educator and non educator guests welcome—could join the team for different shows. Bring in the cameras to follow the action, and even have team members equipped with walk-about cams.

Each show would start in a sort of situation room, where team members would present their needy school tech cases for the team to help for a particular episode. Most likely two choices per show would be chosen and work. Once decided, the Tech Your School tech team would ready the appropriate technology and support to Tech a Class, or possibly a school. Teching a Class would not only mean bringing in the devices necessary, but would also share how to teach with those devices. The team would show how to do outstanding things with kids learning with tech. Showcase teaching with tech beyond what most think.

Before leaving a classroom or school, the team would set up a continuing tech and teaching game plan, as well as shore up contacts for guiding the mission beyond the Tech Your Class visit. There would be a Follow-Up show at the end of the season, and beginning of next to share successes and failures, if they should occur. Track students achievement after the show and during the season with updates.

Should work; right Discovery, Sci Fi, and Oprah channels? I can see corporate sponsorship and supplies for this. If Pickers, Pawn Stars, and Ghost Hunters have us following, why not a following for a reality show called Tech Your Class? Wouldn’t you rather see that, sitting next to your kids, than Jersey Shore, or someone snooping into unpaid storage crates to make a score?

Interested? I could even see an international version happening. Have your people call my people.

Toshiba 3D: Front Row Seating Only

Toshiba-3d-regza-gl1Toshiba’s 3D glassesless 20GL1, 20-inch screen, and 12GL1, 12-inch screen displays may be a year ahead of the competition, but still haven't solved the front row, in your face seating requirements for standalone 3D technology.

There’s an IBM, Sony, and Sony Playstation technology in play here, so gamers, rather than students in classes will see value. The screens are purposely small, because the displays send the images at the right angles to the eyes without the help of glasses. Therefore, the angles have to be just right to get the best 3D effect, or even see the 3D effect at all. This won’t work in a classroom—at least not now. Students would have to be right in front of the screen. The 3D images diminish in quality outside that—smack in the center—optimal zone. Small screens that limit, or restrict seating aren’t best suited for kids in classrooms.

I really want to see this technology happen. There are so many possibilities for classroom 3D curriculum, but for now, it looks like the funny glasses are still the best way to pull it off. And even with the glasses there’s been talk of eye fatigue, and some headaches due to overuse—and overuse fatigue has been reported in under an hour—in some cases.

While it's not classroom-perfect yet, the technology is getting closer. I just don't think glassesless is there yet for classrooms. I doubt the price will be either.

3D Still Science-Fiction Plastic Glasses

Stereoscope 3D was everywhere at CES 2010, the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas—from Panasonic, Sharp, Samsung, LG, and others. I tried on the 3D glasses at the Samsung display, but it seemed to me, 3D hasn’t moved too much further forward from those old science fiction movies. I’m old enough to remember finding antique wooden stereoscopes and their stereo images in an attic, and I know that technology later led to the plastic-toy stereo-viewers of the 60s. But is there anything new?

3d glasses Although the new 3D technology continues to hold my interest, you still need 3D glasses, so we’re a long way off from the reality of seeing 3D commonplace in classrooms. It might be just me, but it makes me a bit dizzy after awhile. And the glasses-less 3D makes you stand in designated positions—and the resolution isn’t great. I do think we’ll see more 3D, especially for watching sports though. You’ll certainly know where you stand with your host from your sitting position. Favorites will get the best seat positions. Keep working at it! Every kid deserves a great seat.

So, 3D might stay in the consumer and movie realm for now—but I hope the idea continues to evolve—it would be cool in a classroom. It just needs to get past the plastic glasses and designated viewing spot stageand the resolution has to be great—not just OK.



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