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One Teacher Appreciates Another (Two): Why My Co-Teachers are Awesome

I thought I would depart from my students a little bit this week and share with you another aspect of my daily classroom life: my co-teachers.  I co-teach a section of literacy every day with one of my partners, Mr. K.  While I teach with him, Mr. G goes into my home classroom to teach math.  This departmental structure has been difficult for me to adjust to, and I know I could never do so without their patience, support, and more-than-occasional cheerleading.  In the spirit of teacher appreciation week, I would like to share with you just a few of the amazing things I appreciate about my co-teachers.

On the serious side...

  • I know that both of my co-teachers prioritize our students and their best interests
  • My co-teachers treat our students with respect at all times
  • My co-teachers are always 100% supportive of my teaching both inside and outside of the classroom
  • They are effective leaders
  • I am inspired by their creativity
  • I can trust that they will fulfill our shared professional responsibilities at a very high level
  • We can always communicate our opinions openly and honestly
  • They are easy to talk to and have become friends in addition to colleagues
  • We can collaborate effectively on planning and are always willing to share this responsibility
  • We have an open forum for feedback, both positive and negative... they help me celebrate things that go well, and call me out when I need to work to change something
  • I can talk to them honestly about concerns I have and know it will not be taken personally
  • They continually work to improve their teaching and are willing to change gears if necessary
  • They push me to remain positive even on rough days
  • They are willing to engage in critical debates of wider education policy issues
  • They are infinitely PATIENT and FLEXIBLE, both with the students and with me!

On the Lighter Side...

  • They are accepting (or at least tolerant!) of my endless need for color-coding, alphabetizing, and organization, even if they don't like it themselves
  • They help me enforce my strict anti-gum-chewing policy even though they sometimes break it themselves :-)
  • They are able to laugh WITH me but never laugh AT me
  • I know I always have help to turn to when a student needs a 'break' from my class
  • They are much taller than I am, which is critical for hanging high posters and covering them during test time! 
  • Mr. K is great at bringing me back down to earth using 'behavior narration'
  • Mr. G always brings cookies back from his family gatherings, and they are delicious
  • Mr. K always keeps a stash of candy available for the students and doesn't mind if I raid it
  • Mr. G, my go-to guy when I'm in a rage over something, always manages to make just the right face to make me crack up instead
  • During Reader's Theater, Mr. K REALLY gets into his characters :-)
  • Though Mr. G always steals my dry-erase markers (!), he always lets me have staple strips (which I run out of WAY too rapidly)

Teachers, I hope this week provides you with many opportunities to feel appreciated.  I also encourage you to use this time to appreciate your co-teachers, colleagues, old teachers, mentors, and all of the people who devote their life to the important task of building our community's future. Teachers everywhere deserve it! 

Please share your anecdotes or reasons you appreciate teachers with our community by posting comments!


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