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Five Tips for Successful Field Trips

For special needs students, who often thrive on routine and consistency, field trips can be daunting.  However, they also represent an opportunity for engaging, motivating, authentic, and highly relevant learning experiences.  Students with special needs are definitely entitled to be exposed to the unique opportunities field trips provide, and teachers can take some preparatory steps for their students to ensure that these trips are productive and meet their students’ needs.

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How I Spent My (Spring) Vacation

IMG_0209 I just got back from an amazing vacation during which I spent five days in San Francisco, and the most amazing thing is that I left my plan book at home!  I’m thrilled to be back, I have a schedule for tasks to accomplish before returning to school next Monday, and best of all, I feel refreshed and recharged.  Today, I would like to encourage teachers everywhere to use vacations personally, and also let you know how I use them in my classroom to build community.  

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