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How to Communicate Expectations for Excellence

Students with special needs thrive on consistency.  They can excel socially and emotionally when provided with a routine and a set of procedures that applies in most situations.  On a day-to-day basis, a good special education or inclusion teacher can craft a classroom environment that is productive, safe, inviting, and engaging.  So what happens in these great classrooms after routine breaks, such as weekends and holidays, or surprise breaks, such as illness, family travel, or snow days? 

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New Years Resolutions for All!

Welcome Happy_new_year_2back to school! I found that I had a hard time writing 2009 on the board in the date today… time passes so quickly with my students. I hope you all had as enjoyable a break as I did and are recharged and ready to go for the next part of the school year. I was able to use some time during this break to reflect on my teaching practice, and I’ve come up with some “Teaching New Years Resolutions” that I intend to put into play in my classroom and in my personal professional development over the next several months. I’m also hoping that by making these public and posting them here, I won’t wimp out and break them!

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