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'Tis the Season

Well the holidays have come and gone and in their wake are various and sundry teacher gifts. While Santa may not have paid your classroom a visit, I'm guessing your students have and I'm wondering what your most unique gift was.

I was once given a plastic topiary bunny with silk lei flowers hot-glued all over it. I can remember looking in the bag. Me: "Wow, look at all of these colors! Thank you so much!" Student: "You're welcome! I was going to bring you more but there weren't any more on the tables at the wedding."

I've received other uniques gifts over the years but my multi-colored bunny can't be beat. So help satisfy my curiosity. What's the most unique gift you've received from a student?


Alyssa Zelkowitz

Hi, Jeremy...

I once received a religious-themed bathroom set in bright pink... a toilet brush and holder, a tissue box cover, and a toothbrush holder, all decorated with familiar Catholic icons. That definitely takes the cake as the most unusual gift I EVER received, not just in my time teaching!


Jeremy Brunaccioni

Hi Alyssa,

That is quite the gift!



My most unusual gift was a can of sardines in tomato sauce. It was wrapped with oodles of tape, obviously done by the student. It wasn't until after the holidays that I found out this student's mother was from an Asian country and that this was considered a favorite in their family. In fact, mother had a "grocery store" of sorts stocking many items from her home country where others came to shop. The student "shopped" for me too!


I never would have thought of sardines. How'd they taste?

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