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Resources I Love: Teaching American History

Hi everyone.  I'm sure a number of you are familiar with the TAH (Teaching American History) programs that have been taking place throughout the country.  One of my favorites is my local one and is run through the Memorial Hall Museum in Deerfield, Massachusetts.  

Museum Their TAH site is chock full of resources that can be used at all grade levels.  Check out their Magic Lens, Objects in the Round and Activities by Teachers.  All great stuff!  And as always, we'd love to hear your comments.


Dana Smith

Thanks for the post, Jeremy. I have never heard of these sites. I checked it out & loved it! I already found one I want to use this year. Thanks again!


Hi Dana,

I'm glad you like it. There really are some incredible features on it. You can even select artifacts to add to your collection for your own lessons.


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