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Got Art?

If you're like me, you're always looking for more ways to integrate art into the classroom.  I recently had the opportunity to visit a number of museums in England and found some super art education programs, as well as some great sites.  I couldn't bring the programs home for you but I can give you the lowdown on where to click.

A spin-off of Tate Britain, Young Tate features an assortment of interactive tools on color theory, including digital color and artist's color.

Features webquests, whiteboard materials and also some super teaching resources to purchase for the classroom.

Contains a collection of curriculum resources, activities and topic-based websites.  

Sports a wide variety of teacher resources with themes like Buddhism, 50 Ways to Use Museum Postcards and Sculpture.

Some of the more memorable resources are the Great Fire of London Game, the Shakespeare Quiz and Perspective: Seeing Where You Stand



Visual factor is a very important aspect of learning,it helps in grasping content really fast and is retained in the memory for a very long time.this concept can be implemented by using flashcards,videos and photos.It can also be used for collaborative studies among students,once such site that uses this concept is www.funnelbrain.com,a very innovative concept one should implement.

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