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Harvest Time

With folks headed back to school, Fall can't be far behind.  That means pumpkins and other harvest goodies will find their way into classrooms.  Here are some resources that might inspire you and your students in your harvest units.

Pumpkin circle The Pumpkin Circle Project hosts a variety of classroom activities that complement the popular Pumpkin Circle book and video.  The book can also be ordered directly from Random House.

TeacherShare Lessons

                                            Pumpkin Eye Lesson Plan

Do you have any pumpkin lessons you'd like to share?  Why not enter them on TeacherShare!


kathy amari

I teach kindergarten. We have a day called Pumpkin Day. The class is divided into four or five groups of four or five children with a parent volunteer for each group. Each child is given a pumpkin day booklet which guides them through the day.
They count the ridges and groves. Discuss the color and stem. They also say if they think the stem is long or short. The students guess the weight and then actually weight the pumpkin. The children also predict if the pumpkin will sink or float. They draw their prediction and then after they put it into water they draw what really happened. The group votes on a face what shapes for eyes, nose and mouth and if it will be a happy or scary mouth. The parent volunteer cuts open the pumpkin. Children predict how many seeds are in the pumpkin and write their prediction. The children scoop out the seeds and group the seeds by tens then write about how many seeds were in the pumpkin. They draw their groups pumpkin.

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