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Resources for Teaching Fire Safety

P1010096 Michelle's post on online safety made me think of Fire Safety. Okay, so my mind wanders. But National Fire Safety Week is always the week in which October 9th falls. In preparation for teaching about fire safety, I start thinking about ways I can integrate technology into this unit. One of the first things I do is to do an Internet search for resources.  I usually use Yahoo! Kids so that I can find safe links for my students to use. 

I also have my Fire Safety unit already online on Scholastic.com. This was written when I was the Grade 1 - 2 Teacher Mentor. Creating a photo book is included in this unit. My class would make a book using photos that they had taken at the local fire station. Then we would give a copy of the book to the fire department as a thank you for the tour. The fire fighters loved it!

  • Let's Learn About Fire Safety! - Lesson Plan | Grades 1-2
    Introduces a lesson in fire safety incorporating the book Clifford the Firehouse Dog. Kids make their own Clifford books too.
  • Let's Learn About Firefighters! - Lesson Plan | Grades 1-2
    Presents a lesson plan focusing on fire safety and prevention through reading, writing, and brain storming sessions.
  • Let's Learn About the Fire Station! - Lesson Plan | Grades 1-2
    Introduces a lesson on fire safety involving a field trip to the fire station where students take digital photos and use them to compose a book.
  • Books for Teaching Fire Safety - Teacher created book list which includes tips for classroom use.

So... gather your links and resources and help prevent fires by teaching fire prevention - the web savvy way.


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