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Look Out for Monsters!

Monster With Halloween just around the corner, my first grade students are thinking about monsters. I am always thinking about technology, so I gather online and technology monster resources. Let me share with you the ways I add technology to the students' learning experiences using monsters as a theme.

As my students learn about poetry, each group writes a poem about a Halloween topic. They illustrate each line of the poem using KidPix. Then using GarageBand they record their poem, add their KidPix drawings and create a podcast. Listen to a Monster poem created by one of the groups.

My students create an Monsterphabet book. Each student selects an alphabet letter, then they use that letter to name their monster, create what their monster eats and where their monster lives. They use KidPix to illustrate their monster. Enjoy their Monsterphabet book. Download Monsterphabet.mov

Next week I plan to read Go Away, Big Green Monster. So I searched the Internet for ideas on how to use this book in my classroom. I found Jeremy Brunaccioni's lesson plan on Scholastic.com.  He has wonderful craft projects that my students will love to do. Another book I plan to read is Mud Monsters. I found reading tips for using this book with my students. As I was searching I found an opportunity for the students to help author and illustrator David Costello with ideas to create a new monster story. They will be SO excited to come up with ideas.

My searching also found Around the World in the Click of a Mouse which contains an interview with Azibo the monster.  Azibo is a nice monster found in a global awareness site - Panwapa. I helped to write the teacher's guide for the Panwapa site.

Scholastic has wonderful online activities for my Monster unit which will work either in the computer lab or in our computer center.


Michelle Bourgeois

Nice idea, Gayle. The addition of technology tools like KidPix for illustrations and GarageBand for narration is a great way to provide motivation for reluctant writers. What cute monsters!

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