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Picture_10 I love to listen. Books, podcasts, music, you name it. When I'm driving in my car especially, I'm listening to a book or podcast. At any given time I have 20 audio books and at least a 100 podcasts loaded on my iPod or iPhone. So whenever I have a wait time, walking time or driving time, I'm listening. I even listen when I'm cleaning.

So where do I get my content?  I buy some of my books on Audible. Last week Michelle gave some great resources for audio books. Podcasts are free or inexpensive on iTunes. Interview and professional development podcasts can be found on iTunes or on Scholastic.com. I enjoy Think Like a Leader and the Scholastic Professional Podcasts.  I listen to student or teacher created podcasts. 10 Podcasts for Teachers and Kids lists several that I listen to. Here are a few more that I enjoy:

What are your favorite podcasts or audio books? We'd love to have you share them with us. We are always looking for a great listen.


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