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Web Sightings

So many great links have come my way this week and I'm excited about sharing them with you!  Here are three I think you'll love:

Teaching Shakespeare Audio and Video Resources  On Wednesday evening, I attended an online webinar entitled "Remixing Shakespeare" hosted by PBS Teachers Connect and Classroom 2.0.  The 90 minute free session shared lesson ideas and resources for teaching Shakespeare using digital tools. One of the resources that I discovered during the webinar was the Folger Shakespeare Library and their Audio and Video Teaching Resources. There you'll find brief audio and video recordings to help teachers learn new strategies for teaching classical literature. If you're interested in seeing more of the links shared during the webinar, you'll find a link to the entire presentation on the PBS website. If you're more into Science and Math, never fear! The next two webinars in April and May focus on Math and Science strategies.

ShowUSA Data Visualization  This resource came to me via Twitter when Cindy Grabe shared the link.  The Show website makes demographic and place-based statistical data really easy to visualize. Simply select a set of data from the pull down lists and watch as the states resize in relation to the data.  You can select from data sets sorted into the categories of People, Planet, Business, Politics, and Living. Here's a version that shows the number of rollercoasters per state:

I can see this site being an interesting addition to a lesson in graphing and statistics!

Jeopardy Labs  One of my favorite ways to help students review for tests is by using games.  There are dozens of  templates out there where you can create a PowerPoint style presentation modeled after the television show Jeopardy.  The Jeopardy Labs website makes it even easier by creating an online template that you simply fill in with questions and answers. You can create your own or browse through the ready made games for one that matches your curriculum.

What's your favorite web sighting of the week?  Share them with us here!


Gayle Berthiaume

I love these new sites. I hadn't seen them before. Here are three more that I discovered this week. Photovisi http://www.photovisi.com/ makes a collage of photos. Federal Resources for Educational Excellence http://www.free.ed.gov/ are free teaching resources from federal agencies. Search Cube http://www.search-cube.com/# is a cool way to do an Internet search. Try it!

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