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Closing Thoughts

Curious little girl 5k uid Wow.  It doesn't seem possible, yet here we are at the end of another school year.  As Gayle and I wrap up this year's Scholastic Tech Tutors blog, I'd like to share my two final thoughts.

Thought #1: Take time to share

It's been said that the best way to learn something is to teach it to someone else.  While that's certainly true, I'd add that the best way to refine your learning is to write about it and share that writing with a global audience. Being able to share ideas and thoughts with you here on the Tech Tutors Blog has strengthened my own instructional practice and made me even more aware of the importance of collaboration.  Knowing that others were reading and using the ideas we shared here meant that Gayle and I spent a great deal of time talking, researching, and thinking about which technology tools and ideas were worthy of your time.  I hope we've given you new resources to help you in your classroom and perhaps even sparked a couple of new ideas to energize your lessons.

Even more that that, I'd love to think that you've considered sharing your own best ideas and practices. Perhaps you've done that by leaving a comment here during the year. If so, we thank you. Perhaps you've shared a favorite lesson on Scholastic's TeacherShare. If so, we congratulate you.  Or maybe, you've been inspired to start your own podcastblog or website.  If so, we look forward to learning from you.

Thought #2: Try something new

For me, this year has included many opportunities to stretch my learning in new directions while helping others do the same.  I've assisted teachers and students in my school as they created podcasts for publication. I've worked with our faculty as we rolled out a laptop 1:1 program to 150 freshmen students. I've even had the chance to attend and present at several conferences and work as an online mentor.

This summer, I hope to continue the trend and spend time learning something new.  I've put together an online list of books on education and technology (as well as a few fictional finds) that I plan to read. As I do, I'll be reflecting about what I learn on my own blog. I hope you'll do the same and share your learning with us.

I'm also diving into a new project with fellow EdTech guru Tom Woodward which is designed to help teachers brainstorm and design engaging lessons. Called Iron Teacher, it's all about bringing together cutting edge educators with sharp ideas to infuse new life into traditional lesson design. We're still in the beginning stages, but I hope you'll join in the fun.

And so, as we close out another school year, we want to say thank you for spending time here with us.  We're honored to have been a part of your classroom.



Dear Michelle & Gayle,

Thank you for teaming up again this year and for your amazing contributions. You have been exemplary colleagues for your fellow teachers and all your efforts for Scholastic are much appreciated! Good luck to you both and have a wonderful summer. Please keep in touch.

Cheers, Linder

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