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Google Search Secrets

Student_search So, if you're like most web-savvy teachers, you probably use a Google Search several times a day.  But, how Google-smart are you?  Here are a couple of tips and tricks that can make you into a Google Guru!

Tip 1: Use Google as a Calculator
If you type an equation into the Google search box, instead of a website, you'll find that your first search result is the answer to your calculation! Use an asterisk (*) for multiplication, a slash (/) for division, a carat (^) for powers and the abbreviation sqrt for square roots. You can even add parenthesis to an equation. Try this one to see how it works:

Tip 2: Use Google to help with unit conversions
Quick! How many miles are in a 10K race? What's 75°F in Celsius?  You can type these questions into Google to find the results fast.  To do so, type in the conversion like so:
10 kilometers in miles

75 degrees Fahrenheit in Celsius

Tip 3: Search a specific domain
Ever been frustrated because you *know* a page is somewhere on a site, but you can't seem to find it?  Use Google to search a specific site or to limit your search to a specific domain by starting your search with site:
For example, to find the two posts on the Tech Tutors blog that mention NASA, you'd type the following into a Google Search:
NASA site:blogs.scholastic.com/tech_tutors

Tip 4: Find the time and weather
When you're calling someone in another country or even another state, it's good to keep in mind the time zone you're calling.  Many people don't realize that Pensacola is in the Central Time Zone, though most of the rest of the state of Florida is in the Eastern Time Zone.  You can find out the current time, time zone and weather for Pensacola (or any other place) by typing these searches into Google:
time Pensacola
weather Pensacola

Tip 5: Define a word
Finally, one last tip that will make defining words a little easier.  Google will help you find definitions for words by typing "define" in front of a word, like so:
define loquacious

Want even more search tips? Learn to search better and help your students do the same by downloading free posters from the Google Education site

Have even more search strategies to share?  Post them below for others to use!


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