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Summer Learning

Summerlearn  This wraps up my Tech Tutor blog entries for this year. Michelle will write one more next week.  We hope we'll be back next year.  I have learned that blogging takes time, but really helps me reflect and concentrate on my learning.

Throughout the summer break many teachers and students often have time to expand their own personal learning. They may choose to travel, read or take classes. Many teachers spend time on their own learning new skills. If they are like me, they will learn a new technology skill. I will be learning Logic Pro this summer.

Just having a little extra time to explore websites is often a goal of many teachers and students. So here are some of my favorite websites to explore. Teachers can explore lesson plans on Scholastic's TeacherShare. They can learn new software or new skills from Atomic Learning. The social network Classroom 2.0 offers a plethora of ideas and resources to explore. One of the posts includes 100 Free Web Tools for Elementary Teachers. I think that all levels could use these web tools. Summer is a great time to catch up on listening to podcasts. My new favorite one is Always On. Michelle Bourgeois and Katie Morrow produce this podcast. I have learned a lot from it. You can subscribe to other podcasts using iTunes, load them on your iPod and listen to them while you are camping, floating on the lake or walking. You can also watch ideas from Teacher Tube. Start your own blog or ning and keep track of your summer learning. When the kids ask "What did you do this summer?" You can have them read what you did.

Some of my favorite websites for students include interactive activities on The Stacks for Kids on Scholastic.com, global awareness interactive activities and video on Panwapa, trying to find animals on live video streams from Africa on wildearth.tv, creating illustrations with Sumopaint, and watching student creating video on SchoolTube. Students can listen to stories or learn new skills by also subscribing to podcasts on iTunes. Set up each student with a free blog site so that they could also blog over the summer. When their teacher asks, "What did you do this summer?", they can read their student's blog.

What will you be learning this summer? We love to have you share your favorite websites so that we can explore them.


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