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Technology in an Australian Classroom

G'Day Mates!

I just returned from two weeks in Australia. No, I won't bore you with my 1200 digital photos. But I would like to tell you about one of the best technology experiences I had. Yes, I even travel thinking about technology. And yes, I also brought my laptop to Australia.

DSC_0062 I had a meeting about technology with Brett Moller, Head of Learning and Educational Technologies at  Kings Christian College on the Gold Coast. Then I was able to watch his students, who were in the process of producing music videos over a few weeks time period. I liked the way Brett set up the class. Physically he arranged the classroom with a boardroom table in the middle and computers around the perimeter of the room. Academically he set up the class to mirror a business structure. Each group was given a budget to produce their music video. Within this budget they needed to rent the video camera. This helped the students realize that they needed to be detailed in their planning so that they could afford to get all of their filming completed.

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