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Dell Flips Over Tablets

Lat_xtAfter reselling a variety of tablets made by others for years, Dell introduces its Latitude XT Tablet PC, which sets the standard for schools in terms of size, weight and abilities. Weighing less than four pounds and barely 1-inch thick, the XT works well as a keyboard-centric notebook but flip the screen around and it is transformed into a capable slate computer. Based on Intel Core 2 Solo or Duo processors, the XT has a 12.1-inch wide screen, full-size keyboard and either a 120GB hard drive or 64GB of rugged flash memory. The XT is still only an inch thick, weighs less than four pounds and can be ordered with either Windows XP or Vista. Pricing starts at about $2,500 for this laptop. If you would like more info check out the Dell website.


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