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HP Announces Mobile Thin Client Computer, Teacher Community Site

FetcHP had three big announcements, but I can only tell you about two (the last biggie comes on tax day, April 15, so stay tuned).

Mobile_thin_client The first is a mobile thin client computer – which means everything, even the operating system, is delivered to the thin client, but stored on the school network. This makes the HP Compaq 6720t Mobile Thin Client more secure, easy to update, and green-friendly since they require less energy than a traditional notebook. Although your IT folks will have to help get these up and running, teachers and admins should like it with a little training.

The other news is an online community being developed “By Teachers, For Teachers.” HP is asking for the help of teachers to share their lesson plans videos, projects, and more to populate the Teacher Experience Exchange site with content and develop an online community. The official launch will be June-ish, but teachers can hop on now to send their ideas.


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It sounds great that HP is promoting to develop an online community by Teacher Experience Exchange program...........

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