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Scholastic got an advanced look at what SMART will be revealing at FETC this week, so we thought inquiring minds may want to know:

Smart_board_600i_educators_inuse SMART Board 600i interactive whiteboard system: This second-generation integrated system combines the SMART Board 680 interactive whiteboard with the new Unifi 45 projector -- and costs 25 percent less than the original system. 

Notebook software 10:

The latest release of this collaborative learning software offers over 30 new features. Teachers who previewed the new software at BETT especially liked the ability to make tables, record pages, use a "magic" shape pen to create spotlights and more, and create fun animation.

SMART Board 685 interactive whiteboard:

The new wide-screen interactive whiteboard – featuring a 16:10 aspect ratio -- gives teachers more work space.

Smart_classroom_audio_system_compos SMART classroom audio system:

In keeping with ASHA requests for better audibility in classrooms, the SMART classroom audio system includes a teacher microphone, student microphone, an amplifier, speakers, and more.


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