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What Happens in Vegas, ...

Ces Along with a slew of phones, gadgets and sore feet, this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas has yielded a pair of innovative school presentation systems that push current technology to the limit. While Samsung’s 2263DX combines two LCD screens for a variety of educational opportunities, Sanyo’s PDG DWT 50L could be the best digital projector for an auditorium or large room. As is the case with new technology, high flying specs and features come with high price tags, so you might want to reach for the closest slot machine handle.
• Samsung 2263DX does a two-for by attaching an auxiliary 7-inch screen alongside a 22-inch monitor, 2263dx giving the class a tag-team display. With a pair of independent views, the 2263DX opens new possibilities, like showing a physics experiment on the big screen while monitoring the data on the small screen or allowing a teacher to face the class while watching the on-screen action. The key is that the small screen can be mounted on the main display’s bezel or on its own and gets its data and power from a USB cable. On top of a pair of speakers, the system has a 2-megapixel Web Cam and microphone. The monitor sells for $550.
Information, specs and features are on the Samsung Web site.
• By building the PDG-DWT50L projector around two lamps, Sanyo has created what might be the best Pdgdwt50l large venue device for schools. It is not only able to fill a 42-foot screen but its dual-lamp system pumps out 4,500 lumens of brightness and has a 2,100:1 contrast ratio. Based on a Texas Instruments Digital BrilliantColor Light Processing imaging chip, the projector can use either a four-segment color wheel for peak brightness or a six-segment wheel for color accuracy. The projector has a list price of $7,000
More info is available at Sanyo’s Web site.


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