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New Screening Software Includes Background Checks [NSBA NEWS, Orlando]

BackgroundchecksforschoolscomartAs teacher scandals hit the headlines, administrators are increasingly concerned about the background of their employees. This means the time is right for the launch of the new website, www.backgroundchecksforschools.com. This site, from security leader General Information Services, screens any potential school employee against a huge instant criminal database (KwikScreen) that includes sex offenders and a national watch lists with photos of offenders from 49 states. The site also re-screens all employees to make sure organizations remain compliant, since if you only run a background check on the initial hire date, you can miss a crime that an employee, parent or volunteer commits during the following year.
Bottom Line: Many schools currently run statewide checks to help promote the safety of their pupils and employees. A national check through the largest criminal screening database in the nation can provide more certainty that even transient offenders who have committed crimes in other states are identified and eliminated from the job or volunteer pool.


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