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Connecticut BioBus Connects Students to Biosciences

BiobusConnecticut has combines the efforts of local educators, state representatives, and the biotech industry to create the BioBus Educational Programs that include a unique “BioBus.” For scheduled school visits, the Connecticut BioBus arrives--free of charge--at the school so students can participate in bioscience experiments. The staff scientist uses a donated SMART Sympodium interactive pen display and AirLiner wireless slate to teach the lesson. The students follow the lesson, and the see the notations from the scientist, on the 10 LCD screens along the interior of the bus. The Connecticut BioBus staff uses Notebook collaborative learning software to create original lessons that they can share with other students across the state.
Bottom line: The BioBus Educational Programs consists of four parts: 1) a mobile science laboratory (Connecticut’s BioBus); 2) an equipment loan program (BioConnection); 3) custom-developed curricula: and 4) teacher professional development. The Programs’ mission is to be a key bioscience education resource in Connecticut. The Programs--offered free of charge thanks to the sponsors--have already visited more than 56,000 students.


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