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Projector All-in-One

Ip60eEvery so often a classroom device comes along that impresses me because it rethinks a standard way of teaching and running lesson. By combining a flat bed scanner with a high-power projector, Avio’s ip 60e is a breakthrough product that can help teachers teach and students learn. The projector’s three LCD panels deliver 3,500 lumens of light and its scanner produces sharp 4-megapixel images without fumbling for a document camera. Just put the sheet of paper you want projected onto the scan bed, and it's on screen for the whole class to see. At $8,500, it’s quite expensive.
Specs: 1,024 by 768 resolution, 3,500 lumens, can store 32 images internally
Bottom line: ditch the clumsy document camera with Avio’s ip 60e’s built-in scanner.


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