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Teacher Picks: Our Reviewer Tests Siboney Learning Group, Spelling Buzz

Diana Lawsky gives us her review of Siboney Learning Group's Spelling Buzz.

Description: Reviews the foundation of classroom instruction in spelling rules and is tied into each specific state’s curriculum standards.

Pros: It has a very bright and lively interface and the sound quality was excellent as well.  A bee called Buzz introduces each activity.  There is a program for grades K-3 and another for grades 4-6.  When using the product for K, 10 words with the short a sound were introduced.  A voice read the word, used it in a sentence, spelled the word, and read the word again.  In another exercise the student has to type the word that is spoken.  If she doesn’t do it correctly, she can press a hint button that uses the word in a sentence. If she gets it wrong a second time, the first letter of the word is filled in.  The third time wrong the word is put up on the screen and a voice reads each letter in the word.  This would help minimize frustration.  I really liked the worksheet generator.  The teacher can create worksheets on exactly whatever spelling rule the students need to practice.  Another activity lets students uncover a picture by spelling words correctly.  This is a really fun way to practice and learn an often boring subject.

Cons: None.

How would this product be useful in the classroom? This would be a great complement to classroom instruction.  Whenever the students are studying spelling, they can practice with this program.  It could be used as reinforcement whenever a student had free time. 

Price: Single license, $69.95.


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