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The State of the Internet

State_of_the_internetThe backbone of any 21-st century school is its Internet connection, and the latest survey of America’s ability to deliver high-speed data is sadly lacking. The State of the Internet report by Akamai paints a sad picture for the broadband data that’s available for U.S. schools. South Korea leads the world with the fastest data connections with 64 percent of the country’s Internet connections delivering 5Mbps or faster. By contrast, only 20 percent were that fast in the U.S. In fact, we not only behind lagged Korea, but Japan, Hong Kong, Sweden and even Romania and Belgium.

Where’re the best and worst places to set up a digital school in the U.S.? Surprisingly, Delaware led the states with 96 percent of connections over 2Mbps. Washington state has the dubious honor of having the slowest connections in the U.S. with 21 percent at less than 256Kbps. Akamai plans on compiling this data every quarter, so we’ll be back in three months with an update.


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