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Mighty Mini

Studio_hybrid_family_bamboo_300Need to fill out a classroom with PCs, but don’t have the room for 20 or 30 bulky desktop cases as well as a teacher and students? Dell’s Studio Hybrid is one of the smallest computers around, yet doesn’t skimp on performance. Available in six colors, including a bamboo finish, the Hybrid sells for $500 and includes an Intel  Core  2 Duo processor, up to 4GB of system memory, up to 320GB hard drive and either an 8X CD-ROM/DVD+- RW or 6X Blu-ray optical drive. Each system has a good variety of ports as well as built-in wired networking, although WiFi is an option. About the size of a book and weighing just 2 pounds, the Hybrid can easily be stashed in a variety of places, like on the back of a monitor or screwed in under a desk. A big bonus is that the Studio Hybrid is made from notebook parts, which means that it’s 70 percent more efficient than the typical desktop or mini tower PC and can cut a school’s out of control electrical bills.


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