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One-Stop Online Curriculum

Openclassroom_serveraspen_learningIf you’re tired of having curriculum systems scattered across a slew of programs and a bunch of separate servers with little rhyme or reason, Aspen Learning’s OpenClassroom Server can consolidate it all. Based on the Ubuntu operating system and Web 2.0 protocols, OpenClassroom is an online appliance that can support the teaching of up to 200 students, making it perfect for most elementary and middle schools.

Open_classroom_b The system is complete with learning management, collaboration, communication and storage with such activities as wikis, scheduling and room for up to 750MB of files per student. The server costs $1,200 and includes 20,000 images and a hard drive’s worth of lesson plans. Look for a 1,000-student server this fall that is expected to cost $3,500.


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