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Posturing for School Success

Perch_deskLike chalk and the blackboard, the basic student desk hasn’t changed a lot in the last century, but Simon Dennehy is out to transform it for 21-st century learning with his Perch Desk design. Based in Ireland, Dennehy’s mission is to make kids sit up straighter so they are more comfortable, pay greater attention and – just maybe – learn more.

Supported by sturdy tubular steel legs, his desk is a simple design that’s that accommodates two elementary school children and features chairs and table that work together. Every imaginable surface is easily adjustable to suit a wide variety of child sizes and shapes, and the chair has a foot rest. Those tired of stooping over a horizontal surface will love the fact that Perch’s work surface can be tilted to several different angles.

The innovations don’t stop there. I think that the trough at the end of the desk is a big step forward for educational furniture. It's not only for pens and pencils, but works well at propping up a book. A sliding tray is perfect for all those accessories that are quickly lost inside a traditional desk.

Perch_desk_bMy favorite aspect of the Perch design is that both the desk and chair fold for easy stowage and storage when an open classroom floor is needed. Unfortunately, Perch is still a concept and not a manufactured product, but Simon is trying to set up a factory to produce the tables and chairs. He hopes that the Perch desk set might be available next year and cost something like $75 for the desk and $60 for the chair. Because this is such innovative furniture, I hope so as well.


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