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Making Creative Studio More Creative

Cs4Version 4 of Adobe’s Creative Suite is out and ready for your school. Regardless of whether it’s for putting together the school’s Web site, creating a digital curriculum or teaching students about new media, CS4 is the right tool at the right time. Creative Suite comes in six editions that are built around Adobe’s main applications including PhotoShop, InDesign, DreamWeaver, Illustrator, Flash and Premier. For instance, the Master Collection has 18 different apps, while the Design edition has 8. The package works on PCs and Macs, but not Linux computers and allows users to combine video, audio and blogs into Web sites.

What can CS4 do? Think about student teams collaborating on a multimedia presentation, teachers sharing lessons and the school’s Web site integrating everything from video of a field trip to live data like weather reports. In other words if you can imagine it, CS4 is the place to create it. While standard versions of CS4 range from $1,399 for Design to $2,499 for the Master Collection, Adobe has educational discounts that reduce the price tag to between $499 to $999 or $14,000 for a 250-seat K-12 license.


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