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A Pre-Pre-SAT?

Readistep_color_logoThe College Board is readying a new standardized test for eighth graders to assess their development towards college level skills and abilities. Called ReadiStep, the test can help teachers and administrators evaluate students for proficiency and make sure they’re on the right track for college. The pencil-and-paper test has three sections: reading comprehension, writing and math and is based on the standards in the English Language Arts and Mathematics College Board Standards for College Success.  The test will be available for its first use next fall.


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So for 8th grade they're creating a test that introduces college level work? I don't know if I understood that correctly, but that seems unreasonable. I went to an advanced school and I was doing high school work in 7th and 8th grade, but not college work. Even in high school I was in advanced classes doing college level work, and it was tough at times. I think it would be best to issue tests that were high school level for grade school, and college level tests for high school. It's just more realistic. I wonder if this view of testing for schools will have a similar effect on pre-employment tests that a Professional Employer Organization will issue. I think some tests are already designed like that to see who can do the best at a test that is way above their experience and pick the best one.

Personally, I couldn't agree more, and schools have so many more important things to teach. The research shows that the more test takers are acquainted with the test, the better they do. Just taking the test early in life helps with the final result.

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