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Sights and Sounds

Voj370_fall_angledHow many of you have loved the video on a new monitor bought for your school, but hated the cheesy integrated speakers that sound more like an AM radio? Vizio’s new line of mid-sized monitors are not only reasonably priced but have surround sound audio and high quality 12-watt speakers built in. The VOJ320F and VOJ370F are 32- and 37-inch screens that can show full 1080p programming and make it sound great. The displays can show 1,920 by 1,080 resolution and have a wide 178-degree viewing angle so they're perfect for small groups of kids or teachers huddled around the screen. On top of the expected monitor inputs and digital TV tuner, the VOJ family features a pair of HDMI connectors for DVD players or high-end PCs. The displays will be available later this month and sell for $650 and $850 for the 32- and 37-inch models.


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Also, if your school is able to splurge for a little more (I think around $1000) their is the Vizio 42" XVT. My school got it and it really has made a huge difference having a couple extra inches. Very clear picture too. Highly recommend it.

You must be readig my mail. I'm going to be reviewing the 47-inch version of that TV/monitor. As a preview, I really like the image quality, brightness and its low power mode can save a school some cash. Look for the review in a few weeks.

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