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1-to-1 X 6

The mantra of one computer per child misses the opportunity for kids to share a school’s digital resources, which could allow districts, rich or poor, to enter the 21-st century of technology. Why not two, three, four or even five kids per PC? If it’s done right, the ratio of kids to computers can be much greater than one to one and still succeed.

Ncomputing_x550That’s where NComputing’s X550 desktop virtualization kit comes in. It is an almost magical device that allows up to six kids share a single PC; with two kits, up to 11 kids can use and learn from a single PC. It’s not for everyone, but the set up is a great way to stretch a technology budget or use older desktop PCs in a computer lab or library on the cheap.

At $450, the X550 has the power to slash the costs of computerizing schools by up to 70 percent. The kit comes with everything that’s needed except for keyboards, mice and screens, which can add about $150 per station. More than 20,000 schools throughout the world use NComputing’s products, including the Natomas Unified School District in Sacramento, California. The site has a trial offer as well as a video that explains the product.


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