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Proxy Protection

Lightspeed_vericeptIf you think you’ve locked down the school’s network so that kids can’t stray off the online straight and narrow, think again. Kids can slip through your Internet filter by using a proxy server that hides where their Web journeys are leading. It’s an all too common occurrence these days where kids know at least as much – and often more – about bypassing security as administrators do about imposing school computer security. Lightspeed Systems and Vericept have teamed up to keep you at least half a step ahead by blocking this alternate path to dangerous or objectionable sites. By combining Lightspeed’s Total Traffic Control software with Vericept’s Monitor, you’ll always know where your kids are surfing. While Total Traffic Control works by filtering content, protects against spam and viruses as well as reports on who’s doing what online. The Orange Unified School District in Orange, Calif. uses the software to monitor and protect its 33,000 users.


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A number of school districts have already reaped the benefits of airtight filtering with these products working in tandem. Generally, the districts have configured the products so that Lightspeed's Total Traffic Control sits in-line, reporting and controlling web traffic in real time, while Vericept Monitor sits off-line to avoid adding any latency and passively monitors a mirrored port on the main switch. Vericept's deep, off-line discoveries are fed back into Lightspeed's database for real-time control. Development efforts are currently underway to automate this process as well as integrate other features.

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