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Scanning with Speed

Gt1500_ang_rgtForget about trying to use a general purpose scanner for grading standardized tests or archiving material. It’ll take too much time and you’ll never be sure of the results. Epson’s WorkForce GT-1500 scanner uses the latest technology to buzz through a large pile of papers with accuracy. The scanner can hold 40 pages and can chew through up to 20- and 12-pages a minute in monochrome and color, respectively. Capable of 48-bit color and 1,200 dot per inch scans, the GT-1500 has an 8.5- by 11-inch scan bed. Because it has LED illumination rather than a fluorescent lighting tube, there’s no waiting for the scanner to warm up or the sensor to calibrate itself. My favorite feature is the 6 customizable buttons that let the operator create one-touch shortcuts for a variety of uses. The scanner works with PCs and Macs and costs $350.


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