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The Classroom Work Table

SmarttableteamchallengeapplicationWhy fuss with projectors, laser pointers and sticks or fingers to point out what’s on screen, when you can put it all on a work table and touch your way to smarter students? The latest in interactive technologies, the Smart Table is perfect for elementary school students because it is oriented around touch. The table top is covered with an LCD screen that can be operated by pressing your finger on its surface or using a stylus.

Table_mappingThe table itself has a 27-inch interactive screen and is 29-inches high, making it perfect for small groups of kids to work with. It comes with all the software you’ll need to turn furniture into a classroom aid. Regardless of whether it’s exploring educational Web sites, drawing maps of the world or reading an eBook to a group, the Smart Table can make any lesson more interactive and fun. It can not only recognize taps, but two fingers at once and complex gestures. The tables will cost $8,000, be available this spring and you can get a cool preview of its abilities with this video.


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