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Fold And Go Keyboard

Vax_77_openEven large elementary schools are increasingly stressed for space, and music and art usually get squeezed into ever smaller rooms. Infinite Response’s VAX77 folding keyboard puts a full six octave MIDI keyboard in a very portable format so it can be pulled out when needed and stowed in a closet when not. Players can use the VAX77 to shift the octave, add special effects, perform a pitch blend and modulate the tone. The best part is that the system can connect with a teacher’s notebook via a USB port.

Vax77_foldedLike other high-end MIDI keyboards, the VAX77 measures 46.6 by 14.5-inches. Unlike other keyboards, it can fold up to occupy to just half that size. Inside is an ADI Blackfin DSP 400 MHz processor and 300KB of flash memory to store instruments, sounds and full music.The key weight can be adjusted so it’s comfortable for use by teachers and students. It weighs just 25 pounds and has a wheeled cart available. The keyboard can be had in five colors.


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