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Making Lunch Pay

Elunch_3Everybody knows that good nutrition is necessary for good learning, but it can also be a way for schools to save money by systematizing the cafeteria. eLunchroom can help feed a school’s worth of kids without breaking the budget by maximizing state and federal reimbursement. It works on both Macintosh and PCs, and can be used with a variety of point of sale identification, payment and receipt printers. Behind the scenes, eLunchroom figures out who qualifies for government lunch subsidies and creates the forms needed to get the cash flowing into the school’s coffers. The best part is that eLunchroom can scale up to an entire district and create reports on who gets lunch and who pays for it. The software costs $1,000 for a single school, $1,500 with a barcode scanner and $2,500 for a district license. A free trial is available.


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