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Document Cameras, Big and Small

Document cameras come in all shapes and sizes these days, from tiny fold-up devices to large tabletop models capable of high definition video with all the bells and whistles. Here’re two from the FETC show that caught my eye.

Vp1_img_lg_1 If most document cameras are too big and bulky to get up close and personal with things you want on screen, AverMedia’s VP-1 scales everything back to create a truly portable device. Small and light, the VP-1 is about as portable as visualizers get these days yet has a high-quality auto-focus lens, 2-megapixel camera and 8X digital zoom. Still, the whole thing weighs 2.4 pounds and folds up for storage or travel, making it great for sharing among classrooms in a school. It costs $450 and the company is at booth 268.

PS660 By contrast, the Lumens PS660 Desktop HD Visual Presenter is large and proud of it because its image quality and array of features makes it one of the most capable cameras around. It has a 15X zoom lens, HDMI connector and pan mode that allows lets teachers to go from page to page in a book. The best part is that it doesn’t care if you use a PC or Mac and it has been tested with display equipment from Hitachi, SMART, Promethean, Mimio and Polyvision. The PS660 costs $1,995 and Lumens is at booth 561


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well written abt document cameras


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