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Meet Mobi

Mobi What good is a student response system if the results can only be viewed on your PC, tying you to a desk. The latest in student response technology is eInstruction’s Interwrite Mobi, a two-part system that combines a tablet for the teacher and smaller Learner handsets for students to tap in their answers. The teacher’s tablet has a 2.4-inch color display for viewing full-class averages or individual student responses and a 6.3- by 8-inch active area for writing comments. Capable of working with Windows, Mac and Linux computers, Mobi can operate up to 15-feet from its host computer. A starter pack that includes a Mobi tablet, two Learner tablets, a charging dock and software costs $1,150, while extra teacher and student tablets cost $399 and $349, respectively. 


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only 15 feet? shouldnt that be 15 meters or 50 FEET?

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