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Quick and Cheap Scanner

V30_HdOn_LidUp Whether it’s with a large screen monitor or projector, there’s nothing like showing a social studies class primary documents or actual works in an art class, but Web images often get fuzzy when blown up. The best way to get the images into a computer is with a scanner, and Epson’s Perfection V30 does it cheaper than any other quality scanner. At $80, the V30 won’t be able to quickly scan a desk full of standardized tests but it can create 4,800 by 9,600 dot-per-inch resolution images in vibrant 48-bit color from a variety of originals. With LED illumination, there’s no warm up time to waste and the scanner is unique in its class by having four instant action buttons that can quickly scan, copy, e-mail, or create a PDF for a class handout. The device can sit on a desktop, works with PCs and Macs and comes with a variety of useful imaging software.


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