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A Teachers How-To

DiscEd_logo_300DPI As far as I’m concerned there’s nothing worse than a teacher who does the same thing school-year in and school-year out, regardless of new ideas, technology and the changing needs of students. Instructors looking for some fresh technique, classroom strategies and the latest that the digital world has to offer can check out Discovery’s three professional development classes and seminars. There’s the Discovery Educator Network Series, EdTechConnect and the Discovery Education Service Demonstrations. Here’re two that are coming up that look especially promising.

February 18, 2009:
The Soul of Digital Storytelling: Making Connections Across the Curriculum
Bernajean Porter discusses the importance of stories in today’s modern life and how the act of story telling internalizes what we know. 

March 18, 2009:
I Didn't Know You Could Do that with an iPod
Here, Tony Vincent shows the power that iPods and other digital media players have for enhancing curriculum, from sharing news feeds with the class to creating interactive study aids.

To see what’s on tap, go to the site and you’ll find the schedule of online events on the left side.


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