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Guaranteed Brilliance

D732MX Side Most classroom projectors put an adequate 2,000 lumens of light onto a screen, but this amount of light can be washed out by overhead lights or sunlight streaming in through the windows. There are times when brighter is better, and Vivitek’s D732MX projector does the trick with 3,200 lumens of brightness at its disposal. The D732MX can keep the lesson going with the lights on and the shades up. Based on the latest Texas Instruments Digital Light Processing (DLP) chip, the projector creates 1,024 by 768 images and has a 2,100:1 contrast ratio. The price you pay for this is its weight, which at 7.3 pounds is heavier than most new classroom projectors, but the sturdy built-in carrying handle means that it can be lugged from room to room as needed. It’s priced at $1,250 and comes with the standard one-year warranty on the lamp, but a five-year warranty on the DLP imaging engine.


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