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Making Macs and PCs to Play Nice

Lanschool7.2 For those principals and district administrators thinking using a mixture of PCs and Macs but want to avoid headaches, the final piece of the puzzle has arrived. LAN School’s Classroom Management program not only can control a classroom of computers, but it now supports both PCs and Macs via Parallels. A native version of the software that runs directly will be available later this year. The software can not only blank a class full of screens, show what’s on the teacher’s screen or direct them to a specific Web site, but the teacher’s console can see what everybody is up to. At any time, the teacher can send any student a message or give the class a pop quiz. A free upgrade for current LAN School users, the software costs $200 per classroom with less than 10 computers and $600 for more systems. There’s a guided tour of the application as well as a 30-day trial version of the software so you can try before you buy.


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