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Ready for My Close Up

0203nikon2 If digital microscopes don’t have the optical quality you need to show what you want and document cameras don’t have the magnification, Nikon has an alternative: use a Nikon digital camera with the Fabre Photo EX hybrid. The microscope snaps onto the Fabre Photo EX stereo microscope to produce stunning photos. At $1,200, it’s pricey, but it can produce professional looking images of everything from a biology dissection to what minerals look like up close. It can be adjusted among 20-, 45-, 56- and 66-times magnification and it has its own LED light and the microscope runs on a single AA battery, which Nikon says lasts for 10 hours of use.



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That's a great find. You're right that it's not cheap at $1200, but far cheaper than an equivalent quality document camera, provided that the school buying already has a Nikon digital SLR...

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