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Short Throw, Long Value

Np600s_slant Short-throw projectors that allow small, previously unusable rooms to be good venues for instruction are no big deal anymore, but they can cost as much as three-times as much as traditional projectors. NEC Display sets the pace in bringing these projectors down to earth by offering two short-throw projectors for $1,200 each. They’ll both be available in April, have an excellent contrast ratio of 600:1 and can create a 77-inch image from only 46-inches away from the screen. They are, however,  aimed at very different classrooms. While the NP500WS creates a 1,280 by 800 resolution wide-screen image with 2,100 lumens of brightness, the NP600S puts the more traditional 4:3 1,024 by 768 image onto a screen with 2,600 lumens of light. Which you get depends as much on which you prefer more: image quality versus brightness.


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