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Document Camera Two-For

Epson DC-06 Front_With_Projector If the idea of spending $1,000 on a document camera for your classroom makes you a little sick to your stomach, you’re not alone. There are just too many doc-cams that cost as much as – or more than – the PC it’s connected to. The inexpensive Epson DC-06 document camera is like a breath of fresh air in this area, with a price of $400, but all the features and abilities you need. Plus, it can do one thing that the others don’t. On top of being able to connect with a PC, the DC-06 can connect directly to Epson’s new PowerLite 86, 825 or 826W projectors. Its 10.7- by 14.3-inch document area is a little skimpy but should be fine for most uses and the camera can put XGA resolution on the screen. It comes with a LED light, 4X digital zoom and a one-touch focus button. It’ll be available in May.


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