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Math Tutor on Call

Hotmath-tutoring-session Nothing can come close to a well-trained and experienced math teacher to help kids master the intricacies of algebra, geometry and early calculus, but it seems that there are too many struggling students and too few teachers to help them. HotMath’s Tutoring Plus can help students in need of extra attention because the online service not only has a series of helpful how-to videos for most math concepts, lessons on how to best use popular graphing calculators, practice exams and help with the odd problems of 200 popular math textbooks but actual live tutors on call to show kids how to do major operations and solve examples on a digital white board. Whether it’s resolving quadratic equations or word problems, there’s always a qualified teacher to show the way via online video. It’s all personalized, although several kids having similar problems can watch at once. At the school level, the service costs as little as 75 cents and 15 cents per student per year for the problem solving and videos. The online one-on-one tutoring costs $19 an hour with volume discounts available.



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Just wanted to say that when tutoring is integrated with the math problems, the tutoring is much more effective that way than generic online tutoring because the tutor can see what the student is working on and immediately know the level of the student and the context for the question. Several vendors allow for this in addition to Hotmath including Apangea and Carnegie.

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