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Interactive Board, Without the Board

LiteBoard_Projector_00 Every once in a while I see something that makes me want to slap my forehead because it is such an intuitive idea, yet nobody had thought of it before. This is the case with InFocus’sLiteBoard projector that not only puts all sorts of lessons on the big screen but can turn any wall into an interactive smart board. I’ve seen LiteBoard and it is as close to magic as technology gets.

LiteBoard_Wand_03 The key is the wand that the teacher (or student) uses to write, move the cursor or click on an object. Rather than writing on a digital board it works anywhere the projector’s beam of light goes, although I found it works best when the wand is up against the wall. The beauty of LiteBoard is that it works on any flat surface, from a pull down screen to a plaster wall. The projector uses TI’s digital light processing technology and puts 3,000 lumens onto a wall or screen.

The prototype I saw and played with worked well with the ability to draw or write in space or touch the wand to the wall for more precise action. LiteBoard should be available later this year and sell for about $2,600 for an XGA version and $3,000 for WXGA.



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