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FRIDAY FREEBEE: Vernier Workshops

Wrksp1 Science and math teachers looking for some new ideas on how to use Vernier’s sensors and probes can attend one of the company’s free workshops that start in early September. The four-hour classes can earn continuing education credits, help with ideas on class lessons and how to integrate data into the chemistry, biology, physics and math classroom. 

Here’s where and when the workshops will be held.
September 9: Tulsa, OK
September 10: Oklahoma City, OK
September 12: Wichita, KS
September 14:  Topeka, KS
September 14: Fort Worth, TX
September 15: Dallas, TX
September 15: Kansas City, MO
September 16: Austin, TX
September 17: San Antonio, TX
September 19: Corpus Christi, TX
September 21: Houston, TX
September 22: Lincoln, NE
September 22: Houston, TX
September 23: Omaha, NE
September 24: Des Moines, IA
September 26: Minneapolis, MN
October 1: Indianapolis, IN
October 3: Dayton, OH
October 3: Madison, WI
October 5: Columbus, OH
October 5: Milwaukee, WI
October 6: Chicago, IL
October 7: Cincinnati, OH
October 7: Chicago, IL
October 8: Lexington, KY
October 10: Charleston, WV
October 14: Grand Rapids, MI
October 15: Detroit, MI
October 17: Cleveland, OH
October 24: Pittsburgh, PA
October 24: San Jose, CA
October 26: San Francisco, CA
October 26: Erie, PA
October 27: Sacramento, CA
October 28: Buffalo, NY
October 29: Rochester, NY
November 7: Portland, ME
November 9: Portsmouth, NH
November 10: Boston, MA
November 12: Worcester, MA
November 14: Providence, RI  


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